Fresh Cookies by Swiss Haus

At Swiss Haus Bakery we have the best tasting and most varied selection of cookies in the city of Philadelphia. Our cookies are made from the finest ingredients and are produced with love and care. Every day you will find a varied selection of 30 cookie choices. Whether you want them on a tray to bring to a party, in a box to give as a gift or in a tin to send to a friend, we make the best cookies in town. We always have the neighborhoods favorites in the cases and depending on the holiday we make special ones that will make your family and friends smile. Also, we can custom make large cookies for your special events or family occasions. Bring your kids by and watch their eyes open wide at all of the choices inside. Coming to the Swiss Haus Bakery has become a family activity to share with your loved ones on the weekends. It is one of those childhood memories that will last a lifetime.

Most of our delicious cookies are sold by the pound and you can get as much or as little as you want. One cookie to one hundred pounds of cookies at $15.99 per pound.

Cookies by the Pound Pricing:

1 pound cookie tins — $22.00

2 Pound cookie tray — $37.00

3 Pound cookie tray — $53.00

4 Pound cookie tray — $69.00

5 Pound cookie tray — $85.00