Sweet Pastries by Swiss Haus

When you approach the pastry case at the Swiss Haus Bakery you will be greeted by a variety of amazing handmade, delectable pastries, not found anywhere in Philadelphia. No matter what your taste buds demand, there is something here for you. Are you a chocolate lover? Lover of cheese cake? Prefer Fruity things? Lemon Roulade? Keylime Pie? Strawberry Shortcake? Or Do you like nutty things? Pecan Diamond? Margiolane? Or Do you want something more sophisticated? Try the Clichy, Chocolate Mozart, or the classic Tiramisu. No matter what you eat out of this pastry case, I know you first words out of your mouth will be, “Oh, My, God!”
No matter what the occasion is; if you are having friends over for dinner or you want to surprise your lover, stop by the Swiss Haus Bakery to pick up something sweet for dessert. You will be loved for it! Or Next time you are walking around Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia and looking for something fun to do, stop by our store on 19th street, take a seat and share a few of these delectable delights in our café. You can wash it down with a nice cup of Hausbrandt coffee, Tazo Tea, Hot Chocolate or an assortment of cold beverages.
We can custom make mini pastry trays for your next party or corporate event. Our trays can include mini chocolate éclairs, cream puffs, cannolis, brownies, mousse cups, fruit tarts, pecan diamonds, petifors and more. We will make whatever you want to suit your needs and your budget.